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MLB Winter Meetings Day 1 Recap

The Rangers signed Soria, the Red Sox signed Napoli and Bud Norris may be on the block.

Doug Pensinger

Lots of notes from today in what could be a really hopping Winter Meetings. We've broken this up into Astros news, free agent signings and then rumors. Hope you enjoy.

Astros Related

Bud Norris getting interest?

Jeff Pasan of Yahoo! reports that Cudly Budly is on the block. No word on how worried the St. Louis Cardinals are that he might end up in their division again.

The team linked to Norris is, not surprisingy, Kansas City. The Royals, however, have been linked to almost every pitcher out there, including James Shields and R.A. Dickey, and have been for weeks. We've already talked about a possible Norris fit in KC, but I guess news gets recycled in the Winter Meetings.

Two thoughts on possible trades involving Norris. What if Houston did a Billy Butler for Norris deal, straight up? They'd get an automatic DH who is still young and would instantly be the best hitter on the team. KC could need to open up some roster flexibility to play Wil Myers, so moving a guy who can only DH and maybe play some first could help there. I don't think this is realistic, but it's an interesting fit.

My second fit is with Boston, who has a blocked prospect in Ryan Lavernaway, who could catch badly and DH for Houston, is 25 going on 26 next August and is seemingly out of a job thanks to Mike Napoli's addition to the Red Sox. If the BoSox are looking for pitching help, might they turn to Norris, who could even be converted to their bullpen?

Astros likely to move Brett Wallace?

Jim Bowden, writing for ESPN Insider, identifies one player from each team that might get traded. For the Astros, he picks Brett Wallace, over much better options like Jed Lowrie, Wesley Wright and Wilton Lopez. Why?

The Astros have top prospect Jonathan Singleton almost ready to take over at first, and Wallace has never put together his offensive potential, which he might actually reach when he's traded to what will be the fifth team of his career.

Bowden identifies the Indians, Rays, Mariners and Orioles as possible destinations for Wallace. But, given that Jeff Luhnow has gone on record recently saying he's "a Brett Wallace guy," it seems highly unlikely he gets moved now. In fact, it makes much more sense for Houston to hang onto Wallace and let Singleton force his way up to the majors, rather than just handing him a job.

Houston looking for DH...duh

No surprise here, as Jon Heyman gets some attention this morning for saying something Brian T. Smith had been reporting for weeks, that Houston is looking for a designated hitter. Heyman threw some names out there, which, again, were not surprising.

Heyman cites Lance Berkman, Travis Hafner If He Stays Healthy and Carlos Pena (Please No). We talked about Hafner as a possibility when looking at free agent DH production, so it wasn't a big reach to see his name here, but Smith's refutation of both Pena and Hafner were pretty great on Twitter. Nicely played, Brian T., nicely played.

Lowrie likely not getting moved

In his nightly media session with the two Houston reporters in town for the Winter Meetings, Luhnow again said that he's not going to move shortstop Jed Lowrie unless he gets a mint. I'm guessing that involves a major league pitcher who is cost controlled and very good along with a good position prospect. Add in the muddled market for shortstops and it just doesn't look like it's worth it to trade Lowrie this winter. If I keep saying that over and over, it may turn true.

Luhnow expects to make a move this week

In that same session, we find out that Luhnow expects to make a deal this week. I'd expect that to be for Wilton Lopez and not something crazy we haven't figured out yet, but with Luhnow, you never know...


Mike Napoli signs with Boston

The free agent catcher/designated hitter/first baseman signed on Monday for three years, $39 million. That's not a bad AAV of $13 million, but it seems a bit pricy for the Astros. Once it seemed like the Red Sox and Yankees entered the picture for Napoli's services, though, I'm not sure Houston ever had a chance, even if they were interested in the first place.

Rangers sign Joakim Soria

The Drunken Sailors did it again, giving Joakim Soria, who would have looked great in an Astros uniform next year, a two-year, $8 million contract with a team option for a third year. Soria won't even a chance to close in Texas, and once Neftali Feliz comes back, he might even be the seventh inning guy. It's like the Rangers don't care about anyone else's feelings...

Rays sign James Loney

The Houston native was linked to the Astros so many times in his career that it seems like he'd already played here for about three years. As it is, Loney is a little like Brett Wallace offensively, never really living up to his prospect hype in the majors. The Rays got him on a bit of a steal, signing him for one year at $2 million with another $1 million in possible incentives. I think Loney's deal will go a long way to setting the bottom end of the DH market.

Padres to re-sign Jason Marquis

This wasn't really an option we'd discussed for the Astros, but the journeyman starter re-signed with the San Diego Padres for one year and $3 million. This is encouraging, as I can imagine Houston finding some bargains like this (or cheaper) a little later in the offseason when they finally get around to signing free agents.

Giants re-sign Angel Pagan

The center field market just got more and more shallow. First, B.J. Upton comes off the board and now Angel Pagan re-signs with the Giants for four years and $40 million. Pagan had a great season, but he's not in Michael Bourn's league as a defender and hasn't produced as long as the Flyin' Hawai'ian, so I wonder if this will just drive up the prices everywhere else.

This deal also will leave the Phillies scrambling for an answer at center field, which could lead them to overpay for Michael Bourn.

Nats sign Bill Bray, Zach Duke

The Nationals also inked two lefties in Bray and Duke. While the Astros weren't likely interested in either, it takes a few more lefties off the market, which could create a market for one Wesley Wright.


Zack Greinke setting market

The tippy top of the pitching market appears to be Zack Greinke, who is drawing interest from lots of big players, but supposedly has a preference for playing in the National League. That makes the two LA teams the favorites right now to sign him, with the Dodgers considered in the lead.

Greinke will set the market for starting pitchers and it would seem he will need to reach a deal before teams decide to fall back on Plan Bs like R.A. Dickey or Bud Norris. Which means the likelihood of Norris getting traded this week is low.

Adam LaRoche not heading to Baltimore

Things have been moving in interesting ways on LaRoche. At first, it appeared that the Denard Span trade meant that LaRoche would be leaving Washington. Then, it seemed that LaRoche may be pricing himself out of the Nats plans.

But, a market for him hasn't appeared. The O's, who might have been interested, seemingly are out on him. That means that Washington could bring him back at a reasonable deal. What does that mean for Houston? Michael Morse could be available for the right price. Maybe for Wilton Lopez?

R.A. Dickey drawing significant interest

Coming off a Cy Young performance and with the Mets suffering through financial woes, it appears that the 38-year old Dickey is on the market. He's likely behind Greinke on the pitching priority list, but a team like the Royals could prefer to deal with the Mets rather than try to bring back Greinke.

As with everyone who has been mentioned today, the Dodgers are involved. The Red Sox also apparently were in on him, but the Mets wanted a haul that included Tim favorite Jackie Bradley Jr. Like with Greinke, if Dickey gets dealt, that will help Houston calibrate the market for Bud Norris.

Marlins shopping Escobar

On the downside, it appears that the shortstop trade market won't be headed up by Lowrie, as the Marlins are shopping Yunel Escobar. What's more, it appears that Oakland may have a match with them to fill their need at the spot after Stephen Drew hit the open market.