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ESPN Reveals New Houston Astros Batting Practice Hats

All of MLB is getting new BP caps, including Houston.

Paul Lukas/ESPN

Thanks to the wonderful work of Paul Lukas over at Uni Watch, we get pictures of the new BP caps that will be worn by every single team next season. Lucas grades all the caps, and do you know what was the only one that got an A+?

That's right, your Houston Astros. Here's what Lukas had to say:

Did you see what they did there? The circle around the logo has a tequila sunrise gradation -- genius! Grade: A+

I've always understood the draw of the orange hats, but I've never wanted one myself. These BP caps, though? They're pretty cool.

As for the other caps around the MLB, my favorite would have to be Mr. Met showing up on New York's BP caps. The elephant logo returning to the A's is also pretty cool, but not nearly as neat as Mr. Met making his first uniform appearance since a patch on the 2009 unis.

What do you think? Do you like these new caps? How will they pair with those cool BP jerseys?