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Remembering The Baseball Gifts Received During Christmas

Some of my Christmas memories involving baseball.

Courtesy of the Houston Astros
Courtesy of the Houston Astros
Timothy De Block

I've scratched the article I originally planned to post for today for a more Christmas themed article which also means I'll be winging it from here on it. I don't really know what I plan to accomplish with this article, but I will be focusing on some of the gifts that I have gotten that have strengthened my passion for baseball.

First, Merry Christmas to all. I hope that if you had children they didn't wake you up to early. I was fortunate enough to have my three year old sleep in until 8 a.m. this morning. After she got up it was presents and breakfast burritos.

This was our final count for Astros gear.


The sweatshirt belongs to my daughter, the t-shirt belongs to my wife and the rest of the stuff belongs to me (Thanks Mom!).

Getting these gifts took me back to my younger years when I got not just Astros stuff, but baseball stuff. I've gotten hats, jerseys and memorabilia. On the game-room walls I've got two separate pictures of Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, a dart board, a clock and a couple different signs expressing my Astros fandom. But I wasn't always specifically an Astros fan.

As a preteen I was more of a, I guess what you would call, a general baseball fan. Ricky Henderson was my favorite player and at different points in my youth I rooted for the Oakland Athletics and the Kansas City Royals. During the mid-summer classic I remember rooting for the American League team to win.

Another thing I was into was baseball cards and these two boxes are two of my favorite Christmas gifts ever:


The box on the left is the entire 1991 Score baseball card set. On the right is The Sporting News' replica set of baseball cards from 1905-1942 featuring "the classic photography of Charles Conlon." The boxes look a little beat up (the Score more so than the Conlon Collection) but I can assure you the cards on the inside have been very well taken care of.


Even as a kid I knew I shouldn't open the box but I couldn't help myself and with the way the baseball card market turned out I feel a bit more justified in my choice those many years ago. I apologize if you clicked here expecting some sort of funny or interesting story, I don't have any. I just remember the joy of Christmas morning and the happiness from all baseball gifts I got.

I'd love to hear some of baseball related Christmas memories.

Merry Christmas!