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Bill Brown Expected To Be Back In Broadcast Booth For The Astros

Jim Crane said that Bill Brown should return to the Astros booth next season.

Bob Levey

Jim Crane joined Sports Talk 790 this morning to discuss some thing going on with the Astros. I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the audio, yet, but Adam Wexler had this little tidbit from their interview with Crane earlier this morning on Twitter:

I'm glad to see that at least one familiar name will return to Astros media next season.

Now, the question becomes who fits where. There's a good chance that Alan Ashby will be one of the three new broadcasters and with Bill Brown returning, those two might make a nice pair on TV.

More to the point, though, for the people who were upset by JD leaving, does having Brown back alleviate the disappointment a bit? Is it enough to have half of the TV duo back or does it make a difference?