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Houston Astros Press Conference - Carlos Pena Signed To One Year Deal

The Houston Astros Press Conference Open Thread

J. Meric

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Carlos Pena signed to a one year $2.9 million dollar deal with $1.4 million in incentives. He's expected to split time with Brett Wallace at the designated hitter and first base position.

Fan reaction overall ranges from good move to horrible move, with several "mehs" in between. I think it's a nice low cost move that could pay out as the season progresses. I like the idea of Pena/Wallace and Nate Freiman the Astros recent Rule 5 selection splitting time at designated hitter and first base. I don't think Berkman had a strong desire to return to Houston to play for a team that's going to struggle to win 60-70 games.

With the signing it means the Astros are at 41 players on their 40-man roster meaning someone is going to have to come off to make room. Will it be the human ping-pong Mickey Storey? or another player?