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Astros Exploring Other Options For Wilton Lopez; Phillies Deal Appears Dead

Wilton Lopez to the Philadelphia Phillies for two prospects looks dead, which may not be such a bad thing.

Jed Jacobsohn

From Brian McTaggarts Blog:

Lopez, who was in Philadelphia on Wednesday for a physical, remains with the Astros on Thursday. The two teams were working on a deal to send Lopez to Philadelphia in exchange for a pair of Minor League prospects, but the Astros are exploring other options.

Word on the street (Twitter) is that Wilton Lopez's elbow may have gotten it in the way. It's no secret that Wilton Lopez as one of the few reliable relievers in the Astros bullpen has been ridden hard the last few years. Since being plucked off waiver from the San Diego Padres by Ed Wade, Lopez has pitched 223.2 innings for the Astros in 4 seasons. His first season with the Astros he only pitched 19.1 innings, but the last three years he's pitched no less than 66 innings for the Astros.

Two Phillies prospects names had emerged as being the potential pieces coming to the Astros, Tyler Cloyd (a name David had already discussed) and Sebastian Valle a 21 year old catcher who has hit .268/.314/.420 and thrown out 28% of base runners in his minor league career. Not the most inspiring offer from the Phillies, but it may have been what they had been pushing based on Lopez's physical.

At this point I think it's safe to say the Lopez to Phillies deal is dead, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Lopez is a valuable member of the bullpen and he's cost controlled until 2016 and there's value in that. I would rather take a chance on Lopez staying healthy and contributing at the major league level than two prospects who may never contribute as much to the Astros.