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Wilton Lopez Traded To Philadelphia Phillies

According to multiple sources, the Houston Astros have flipped their latest closer to the Phillies for an unknown group of talent.

Bob Levey

News broke this morning thanks to multiple sources in Philadelphia and the national media that the Phillies were trying to acquire Houston closer Wilton Lopez. The deal is apparently still being finalized, with reports that Lopez is currently in Philadelphia undergoing a physical.

No word on what kinds of prospects Houston could be receiving in return, but speculation has been that it will be near-ML ready players. It's hard to see this deal ballooning past one or two players, but with Jeff Luhnow, you never know.

Lopez, 29, has played in four seasons for the Astros and is entering arbitration for the first time this year. He had a 2.17 ERA in 64 appearances last year with 10 saves, striking out 54 in 66 1/3 innings while walking eight. Lopez spent 28 days on the disabled list this season starting on June 11 with an elbow strain.

While it's easy to joke about another trade with the Phillies, it's almost getting to the point where the Astros will be a bizarro prospect version of what the future Phils would have looked like. Let's say that the Astros grab Dom Brown or Sebastian Valle in trade. Next year, they could start Singleton, Villar and one of those guys in the same game that Jarred Cosart pitches. That's a lot of ML talent coming from one organization into another.

Are you surprised that Luhnow once again moved his closer for value? Do you think this deal gets done, or is it all just speculation at this point?