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Giving Thanks To Some Of The Astros Plays That Made 2012 Bearable

Thanksgiving is here and it's time to look back at some of the more positive plays the Astros gave us.

David Banks

I like to learn new things and one of the coolest things I learned to do this year was make GIFs and I don't think that was a coincidence. Recently, the Oxford University Press named 2012 word of the year the 'GIF,' which unfortunately for the Astros meant some of their blunders made the internet rounds. Me being a proponent of the Astros didn't just stick to highlighting blunders and also highlighted some of the good things they did.

In this post we'll take a look at some of the GIFs we're thankful for as Astros fans. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's the first GIF I ever made


Remember when fans were excited at Jordan Schafer's hot start to the season? This was one of his four homeruns on the year, more specifically this was grand slam that just eluded the glove of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Either.

April in Milwaukee


I've never been a fan of collisions at home plate and this one involving Mat Gamels running over Jason Castro made me further dislike the play. Castro was blocking the plate, but it was pretty clear to Gamel halfway down the line that the ball was going to beat him to the plate so he made the decision to lower the boom. I think there's blame on both parties here, catchers shouldn't be blocking the plate and runners shouldn't be looking to decapitate the catcher.

Castro did hold onto the ball to complete the double play, but I'd rather give up an out and let the runner score than watch his head bounce off the ground again and again.

This could only happen to Schafer


Quiet possible the best out I've ever seen.

Chris Snyder brings sexy back


This was one of seven homeruns by Snyder.

Schafer with some nice defense in center


The advanced defensive numbers have never really liked Schafer's defense but that doesn't mean he didn't make a nice play or two.

Marwin Gonzalez goes deep


Gonzalez takes Joe Blanton deep.

Run Carlos! Run!


<-insert fat jokes here->

Chris Johnson homers against Cubs


Watch Matt Garza's reaction

Jed Lowrie takes a Cubs player deep


Another awesome reaction from a Cubs pitcher

The Scorpion Strikes


This was to left centerfield.

CJ is not pleased


This was my go to GIF for when things weren't going the Astros way (I used it a lot). There's so much going on in this GIF from Johnson's hope that he's called safe, to his reaction, to the umpire ejecting him by taking a Saturday Night Fever pose.

Wilton Lopez is pumped


One of the bright spots for the Astros this year.

Lucas Harrell tries to get his team fired up


This was my celebration GIF (I didn't get to use it nearly as much as I would have liked). Love the unfazed look of Dave Clark with someone screaming in his ear.

Justin Maxwell shows us why the defensive metrics like him


Now if only he could stay healthy.

Speaking of Maxwell, he also hits buh-buh-bombs



I showed two GIFs of Maxwell hitting bombs because I think he has one of the best bat flips in the major leagues. You know, the one that we enjoy but opposing fans hate.

CJ with some wow inducing defense


Johnson is one of the worst defenders at third base according to defensive metrics, but he always seemed good at charging balls.

Maxwell scores on a pickoff attempt


For fun compare this GIF to the Carlos Lee scoring from first GIF.

Jose Altuve with a fine defensive play


Finally, I'll leave you with a very nice defensive play courtesy of everyone's favorite little engine that could.

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