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First Astros Uniform Revealed 30 Minutes Before Launch Party Reveal

MLB Advanced media at it again reveal new uniform in ad.

Just couldn't do it. 30 minutes from the Astros Launch Party reveal we see this on twitter from our very own writter William Peebles aka BustaPozee:

With the way the leaks have been happening I don't think anyone is surprised. At this point I think the question is can they actually get to the Launch Party reveal before all the uniforms come out.

We've seen the hat before, but the uniform is new and I gotta say I'm not impressed. I was hoping for a shooting star or something. There's still more to be revealed but this is not a great start. Maybe it'll look better on Jordan Lyles.

It's only one uniform, but really? There's only one response to this.../Facepalm

Here's a picture of the add that featured the Astros new uniform BEFORE the reveal.



Update: To see it for yourself follow William. There's actually a couple different ads that show the new uniform.