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Jim Deshaies Flirting With Chicago Cubs Broadcast Gig

Jim Deshaies has interviewed for a spot in the Cubs broadcast booth.

David Banks


The search process led by WGN continues, and you can add at least one more name to the list: Jim Deshaies. Sources confirmed the longtime Houston Astros color analyst recently interviewed for the job.

The Cubs job for Deshaies may be him simply exploring options, but the Astros need to get on the ball here. There shouldn't be any questions about Jim Deshaies being in the broadcast booth for the Astros 2013 season. The number four broadcast team in baseball according to FanGraphs was Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies, breaking up that asset would be one of the biggest blunders in Astros History. Remember Drayton McLane letting Alan Ashby go? Letting JD walk out of the Astros broadcast booth could be Jim Crane's Ashby, and believe me he doesn't want that on his permanent record. Drayton letting Ashby go was a business move that a lot of Astros fans never forgave Drayton for.

Jim Deshaies may be looking for other opportunities of his own free will, but with how the Astros have done business the past year I think this has more to do with the Astros than Deshaies desire to leave Astros broadcasting booth. JD likely comes with a hefty price tag and that may just not fit in with appears to be Jim Cranes low cost way of doing business.

Unlike Jim Cranes past ventures baseball is a different animal entirely. He's never had blogs with a vested interest in his companies before so this is new territory for him and his shiny new marketing department. While the major news sites are unlikely to express much of an outcry for Jim Deshaies departure you can be damn sure that most if not all the Astros blogs will express their displeasure with letting Deshaies go. Letting Deshaies walk for a "better opportunity" will put into question the fandom of what's left of the Astros fan base.

We've already lost one great Astros champion in Alyson Footer to a "better opportunity," losing Jim Deshaies would likely be the final straw for those fans who have endured the pain of not one, but TWO 100-loss seasons and that's likely with the knowledge that there are more bad times ahead than good ones.

Jim Deshaies may be looking for a better opportunity, but the Astros better make damn sure they put their best foot forward in trying to keep him. If not they're likely to lose more than just a good color man.

If you want to express your displeasure with the possibility of Jim Deshaies leaving here are some avenues to do so:

Thanks to Jayne from What The Heck, Bobby? for doing the leg work on this.

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