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Super Sunday Links October 7, 2012

The Astros, statistics, Minor Leagues, the AL MVP race and the business of baseball all in today's links

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

While Jesse was reviewing Michael Foltynewicz's season I was putting together these links for your enjoyment.

The Astros

What the Heck, Bobby?: Astros Season Ticket Holder Townhall
By Jayne Hansen

A stroll down Houston Astros memory lane
By Chris Jaffe

Reviewing the Astros Talent Infusion - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

The Statistics

Pitcher Pace, and Who’s Really In Control | FanGraphs Baseball
By Jeff Sullivan

Roster Expansion and September Hitting | FanGraphs Baseball
By Dave Cameron

ERA+ Vs. ERA- - Beyond the Box Score
By Bryan Grosnick

The Slow Death of Aggressive Baserunning - Beyond the Box Score
By James Gentile

The Minor Leagues

Urckfitz and Lancaster claim California League crown |
By Paul Gotham

Appy Astros: Season Recap: Infielders
By Appy Astros

Appy Astros: Who Can't Play Winterball
By Appy Astros

The Debate

Joe Blogs: The Triple Trout
By Joe Posnanski

Sabermetric Research: HOF selection and bicycle helmets
By Phil Bimbaum

The Business

Baseball Fans Should Rejoice as MLB, FOX Partially Lift Blackouts
By Maury Brown

Offseason Outlook: Houston Astros: MLB Rumors -
By Ben Nicholson-Smith

2013 Draft Profile: Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford - Minor League Ball
By Matt Garrioch