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MLB Officially Joins The Houston Astros New Logo Leak Foray With

Check out the player profiles on the Astros official website to see what the new hats and logo look like.

Bob Levey

Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle with the story:

Tuesday’s leak — which displays Houston’s new hat and logo with players from the 40-man roster — comes via Major League Baseball and

Go ahead go to, select roster and then 40 man roster, then select your favorite Houston Astros to see them in their shiny new uniform that is supposed to be revealed Friday. I chose Jordan Lyles.

All this after MLB apologized to fans for the leak getting out in the first place. Apparently, MLB figured if you can't beat them join them. We've seen a nice spike in traffic and I know several other blogs who have covered this story have seen the same, so it wouldn't surprise me if MLB is trying to create a little traffic on the Astros site for themselves. The traffic on is probably hurting a little bit from consecutive 100-loss seasons. For those of you rolling your eyes, I'm removing the tin-foil hat now.

I imagine the Astros aren't to happy about this, considering it's their own site, but in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter. Sure the Friday "reveal" party has lost some of its luster, but the new logo seems to be a big hit with most fans. There is something to be said about the perception of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing is regards to the Astros and MLB but the publicity from all this, even if it's negative, has to be somewhat good for business.