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Houston Astros Primary Logo Leaked

This time it's the Astros primary logo which looks eerily similar.

Chris Creamer of SportsLogos News with yet another Astros reveal:

For the third time in the last two days (and the fourth time this month) the Houston Astros have had their new logo leaked online and this time it’s the big guy – the new Astros primary logo, as well as a new wordmark logo – both of these graphics are ones we had yet to see before.

Two things. First, props to the guy that designed our new logo, because it looks very similar to the Astros new logo.

Second, you have to wonder what's really going on here. In the IT world when troubleshooting something you start be trying to determine the source of the problem. If just one computer has a problem you focus on that computer. If multiple computers are having the same problem you look at what all those computers have in common. In regards to the Astros redesign leaks you have to look at the organization. The retailers have their share of the blame for letting the logo get out, but you have to wonder if the Astros aren't stressing enough dates in which this stuff can go live.

In regards to the Astros side of the blame, there's two possibilities here. The Astros wanted this to happen to get some more publicity. This is nothing new for the Astros who have done things like this constantly through the almost entire full year Jim Crane has been owner.

The other possibility is that with new staff in place they're making mistakes like a new staff would. As state above, maybe they aren't stressing enough to people dates and not putting big enough "do not open until November 2" signs on boxes.

I guess there are possibilities, maybe multiple retailers are just that inept or maybe the internet has just become so good at revealing this kind of stuff. In a different time this stuff may have been done before and never been noticed because we're not as connected then as we are now. Whatever it is, it's giving us something interesting to talk about while we wait for free agency to begin.