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Academy Sports Apologizes For New Astros Logo Leak And Linsanity Comes To Baseball In Houston

Academy is apologizing for the logo leak goof and Che-Hsuan Lin is picked up from the Boston Red Sox.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

As an updated, Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle is reporting Academy sports is apologizing for the logo goof.

"We express our apologies to Houston Astros fans, our partners at the Houston Astros, along with Major League Baseball for inadvertently releasing the new t-shirts in limited quantity," Academy CEO Rodney Faldyn said in statement. "This oversight is nt our standard business practice."

Ernest Moreno the person who tweeted the logo initially said on twitter that the t-shirt had been there for two weeks and wondered why it was just now coming out. My guess is that the shirt blended in with other Astros throw back stuff, it is after all a former logo just slightly altered. Plus, after two 100 loss seasons there's not a lot of people buying Astros gear.

In other news several media sources are reporting that the Astros have claimed outfielder Che-Hsuan Lin off waivers from the Boston Red Sox. To make room for Lin the Astros have designated Enerio Del Rosario for assignment.

No he's not related to Jeremy Lin, according to Steve Grande, and his name is pronounced Chay-Shwaun (he must listen to the podcast, thanks Steve).

Lin hasn't done much at the Major League level. The right handed hitter has collected three hits, one run and five strikeouts in 12 plate appearances. In the minors he's been a high walk, low strikeout, rare power type of guy. When I say rare I mean 22 homeruns in 2754 minor league plate appearances. Two things working in hi favor though are his age, 24, and possibly his defense.

He's spend a majority of his time in the minors manning centerfield with the occasional start in right field. I'm thinking Lin might be in the running as a defensive replacement, put the ball in play type of reserve.

Enerio Del Rosario struggled to get guys out this past season. A 5.2 strikeout per nine and a 3.3 walks per nine to go along with a 9.00 ERA just isn't going to cut it, so it's not surprise Rosario was the odd man out.