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New Houston Astros Logo Out In The Wild

It's the logo to end all logos, courtesy of Topps and T-shirts.

With a hat tip first to twitter:

Then a tip of the cap to Astros County for always being on top of these types of things. It appears that the new logo has popped up in not one but two locations. According to SportsLogos News, Topps tweeted out a pic of the logo on their trading cards for 2013 and apparently shirts are already being sold at a local Academy store.

There are still a couple uniforms yet to be revealed so there is still some intrigue, but we've got the general idea of how they'll look. Which really shouldn't be any surprise considering we've been told the Astros were leaning heavily towards a more traditional classy look.

I'm not sure how I feel about this logo yet. It's been altered a bit, but I was kind of expecting more. I really want to see how the other uniforms look before I make any definitive statement about the redesign.