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Friday's Three Astros Things

Talking about Biggio and the Hall, Austin Meadows and Mike Pelfrey's free agent status...


Some things to talk about as I double-check to make sure I got everyone's name right today...Sheesh...

1) Biggio and the Hall

Ever since he got 3,000 hits, Astros fans have been waiting for this upcoming January. That's when Craig Biggio will likely get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Of course, things aren't that cut and dried. Generally speaking, guys who hit that kind of milestone are guaranteed enshrinement. But, these days, accusations are much easier to throw around baselessly and without published, fact-checked proof. So, we will have to wait it out and see if Bidge gets in.

Some very interesting chatter going on right now about this. Astros County has a well-read, well-researched piece taking shots at all the BBWAA card-carrying members (like me) who vote on the Hall of Fame (not like me). In his research, we see that there's a good chance Bidge is elected this season but just as good a chance that he gets less than 50 percent of the vote.

Another good point was brought up by Lee Street on Twitter last night, when he argued that Jim Crane and Jeff Luhnow should put as much energy and dollars as they can into the marketing engine to get Biggio and Bagwell elected in the same year. While I think that's a fantastic idea and would build a lot of goodwill for fans toward the new administration, it probably won't get Bagwell elected.

There may be a slow thaw on Bagwell in upcoming years, but I just don't see it happening this quickly. But, I think Crane could also build some goodwill by making sure Bidge gets in on his first try. Houston Astros fans need a win, and this would be a very good one, indeed.

2) Austin Meadows gets profiled

Matt Garrioch over at Minor League Ball profiled potential high 2013 draft pick Austin Meadows. If you've listened to the podcast, you've heard Sean aka native_astro gush over Meadows. Garrioch is similarly impressed with his tools, but throws in a bit more caution.

As a physical specimen who could hit 30 home runs and stick in center field, the package is just too good to pass on at the top of the draft but his hit tool is worrisome to me. Player development will have a good player to work with here and I can't see him sliding out of the top 10 unless something unusual happens prior to June

To me, that sounds more like Byron Buxton than it does Carlos Correa. If we're judging this front office on a very, very small sample of last year's draft, I'd have to say it's unlikely they tab Meadows with the top pick unless he makes significant progress with his hit tool between now and then.

3) Mets to non-tender Pelfrey

This one is from longer ago, but according to MLB Trade Rumors, we find out that the New York Mets will non-tender Mike Pelfrey. It's assumed that Pelfrey will re-sign with the Mets, but technically, he is a free agent right now.

Back when I wrote this feature more often, I argued that Pelfrey would make a very interesting buy-low target for this Astros team to help the rotation. How much would it cost to sign him? How much would it help Houston to add a pitcher like Pelfrey? Would you rather them add guys like him, who could provide value in trade, or guys who are younger reclamation projects who may stay around for a few years?