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The Baseball Playoffs As Told By GIFs: Part Two

While we wait for the World Series to start here are the GIFs that have defined the postseason so far.

Ronald Martinez

And we're back with another edition of the Baseball playoffs told in GIF format. Part one is here.

In this post we'll wrap up the Division Series and you can go to this post to look at GIFs made during the League Championship Series.

Division Series

Lets Start Of With An Oldie But Goody...A-Rod Striking Out! Again...



and you can't help but wonder, just a little. And you wonder a little more when you the graphic on your television screen that says A-Rod's now gone 72 straight postseason at-bats without a home run.

And you wonder. That's all. You wonder.

Adam Jones Pops Bubble Doesn't Catch Fly Ball



Huh. Maybe if Adam Jones had devoted just a little less energy to blowing a big bubble and a little more energy to running really fast, the Orioles might have a 1-0 lead after three innings of Game 3. But instead, Jones didn't make a play on Derek Jeter's long drive that turned from likely third out to game-tying triple ...

These Are The Moments That Define The Postseason



Rodriguez's postseason struggles have been well-documented. Rodriguez has also struggled against Jim Johnson. So with one out in the ninth, Girardi pulled the trigger. And not many unorthodox moves in recent history have paid off as well as this one.

If that Wasn't Enough Ibanez Had An Encore In Extra Innings



Raul Ibañez -- who entered Game 3 as a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the ninth inning and hit a game-tying home run -- hit another home run in the 12th inning, this time to give the Yankees a walk-off victory.

There are all sorts of superlatives in play here. It's quite likely that Ibañez's feat is a postseason first.

Who Wants To Watch Prince Fielder Chase A Ball?



And then it went away. Coco Crisp led off the bottom of the sixth and, after eight pitches, drove a pitch through Prince Fielder. Here's the Benny Hill version of that:

What's That You Want To See More Fat Guys Moving?



In the top of the fourth, Pablo Sandoval led off against Mat Latos. Here's what happened on Latos's third pitch:

Enough Humor, Time For A Good Play



The Reds would threaten again, and seriously; in both the seventh and eighth innings, they got the tying run to the plate -- but each time the bullpen held the line. With two outs in the bottom of the eighth, closer Sergio Romo trotted in from the bullpen and retired pinch-hitter Dioner Navarro on ... well, let's give Angel Pagan some credit for this one, shall we?

Jayson Werth Made His Contract Worth It With This Swing (Even Though Washington Would Lose The Series)



That made it 1-1, and that's where it stayed until the ninth, when Lance Lynn threw his fateful fastball to Werth. In between, though, there was some sterling pitching from Lohse and, on the other side, a trio of Washington relievers.

It's About Time For Another A-Rod GIF (It's Just Too Easy)



Oh, he also had right-handed sidearmer Darren O'Day. Who struck out Alex Rodriguez and got Nick Swisher on -- one out too late! -- a measly fly ball to right field.

Sorry, we can't resist ...

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