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Astros History: Mike Scott 1986 Season

A look at former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Scott and what he accomplished in 1986

Bob Levey - Getty Images

In 1986 Mike Scott led the league in just about everything regarding pitching. Don't believe me? Check it out.

Mike Scott led the National League in:

  • ERA
  • Shutouts
  • Innings Pitched
  • Strikeouts
  • ERA+
  • WHIP
  • Hits per nine innings
  • Strikeouts per nine innings
  • Strikeout to walk ratio

Not too shabby for a 31 year old right handed starter. Scott won the Cy Young that year and also finished 10th in MVP voting.

In terms of WAR he was third in the league to Roger Clemens and Teddy Higuera according to Baseball Reference, and lead the league in WAR according to FanGraphs. To be honest, I don't know what's going on with Baseball Reference WAR, but Scott had more games, more shutouts, more innings pitched, fewer runs allowed and more strikeouts than either of those pitchers.

Mike Scott pitched one of the best years in Astros franchise history in 1986, but it doesn't end there. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the date September 25. 1986. On that day with the Astros having a chance to clinch the NL West, Mike Scott threw a no-hitter to seal the deal. Yet fell half a run, to a full run short of the other two pitchers. Weird.

In that game he went nine innings, allowed zero hits, two walks, while striking out 13 batters. That's a 98 Game Score, a Win Probability Added of .570 (Ya he alone gave the Astros a 57% chance to win that day) and entrance into Houston Astros franchise lore.