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TCB House Cleaning And Offseason Schedule

Our offseason writing schedule and we're looking for writers to add to the team

Bob Levey

I've got a couple house keeping things to put out for the site. First, we're wrapping up our Minor League review this week, I hope you have enjoyed all the hard work our writers have put in for the reviews. Next week we will have a couple Minor League posts go up that cover the Minor Leagues overall, including the inaugural Astros Blogger Minor League Awards and an interview with Minor League Ball's John Sickels. In November, we will be recording our Top 30 prospect special which is a three hour long podcast. I do plan to do that live so look for that next month.

We will not be doing the same type of review that we did for the Minors for the Major League team, but we do have a player profile series planned that will run through out the offseason. We're also planning on interviews and continued coverage on everything going on with the Astros hot stove-style. We will be continuing our Astros Afterburners podcast which covers breaking news the day it happens, so look for that whenever anything big breaks with the Astros.

Speaking of the podcast, after this week's podcast, we will be shifting into offseason mode by putting out podcasts every two weeks. We will still have the live recordings every other Sunday. After this week, the next one wlll be November 4, which will be right after the Astros reveal their new uniforms.

We've got all that plus a couple other projects were working on behind the scenes that we're not ready to share with. I, however, would like to get your input on feedback on what you'd like to see us cover this offseason.

And segway.

We will be adding some new writers to the team this offseason. We have several roles we'd like to fill for next season, but applying for a role won't preclude you from writing other content for the site.

To apply for one of the positions below, you'll need to write a Fan Post and then shoot David and me an email pointing us to the post. If you've done a Fan Post in the past, you can use that as your submission. If you're flexible in what role you're willing to do, let us know that in the email as well.

All positions are unpaid

David -

Tim -


Recap Writers - I don't think this position needs much explanation. You'll be recapping one, maybe two games a week. Will need to be able to stay up late for West Coast games. We welcome creativity in recaps, see any Chris or Busta recaps for examples.

We're going to add several writers for this position. You'll need to be able to contribute weekly during the season. When you apply please let us know what days you think will work best for you. The 2013 season is still several months out and we realize stuff changes so just try to give us your best guess on availability.

Preview Writer - Again pretty self explanatory looking for someone to write up series previews for each series.

We're looking to add one to three writers for this position.

Minor League Writer - Will be helping Brooks with recaps of Minor League games. We recently started a Minor League Game Score database and this position will help with maintaining that. The math is automated so all the person will need to do is input the pitchers pitching line.

We're going to add one maybe two writers for this position. Will need to be in-tune with what's going on in the Minor Leagues at all levels. Will work with Brooks to get recaps out daily.

Historian - Will be writing Astros History posts. We have one post a day for all 162 games.

We're looking to add a few writers for this position. Don't need a strong passion for history to write these posts, but it's a plus.

The final two positions are more back-end positions and don't require any post writing.

Editor - We've seen and heard the complaints from several people regarding the weakness in our writing. Well, here's your opportunity to step up and help us improve in that area. We're looking for someone willing to proof read our posts and give constructive feedback on the article and how to improve our writing overall.

A professional background as a writer and/or editor is a huge plus, but we're willing to consider aspiring editors and writers. For this, you'll need to provide corrections and feedback on three articles since September 1. And even though you won't be asked to write any articles, we would like you to submit at least one Fan Post.

Graphics Designer - We're looking for someone who wants to use their creativity to make logos and graphics for articles on the site.

If you have any questions feel free to email me