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Let's Create Our Own TCB Astros Hall Of Fame

Tim cannot vote for Matt Downs. I'm sorry.
Tim cannot vote for Matt Downs. I'm sorry.

We'll get into the actual Hall of Fame debate later today, as we find out for another year whether baseball's media voters ignored Bagwell because of vague rumors and innuendos about his possible steroid use during a time when they weren't banned.

We'll laugh. We'll cry. We'll get all indignant once again. But, what if there were another way? What if we just ignored that pesky HOF debate and created our own Astros Hall, one that could be inclusive of players without any misguided justifications for blackballing them from the honor.

Isn't it a good idea? Kind of like the Ring of Honor in Dallas and a little bigger than simply retiring a number. We can induct five members each year, but we have to have at least 75 votes for one player to get them in.

That' right, you, dear readers, will be the driving force behind this. Let's set up our first ballot:

Jeff Bagwell, 1B

Craig Biggio, 2B

Nolan Ryan, SP

Cesar Cedeno, CF

I'd say those four are pretty much locks to go in this year. They're arguably the four best players in team history and had a long and lasting impact on the franchise. Only Cedeno didn't get to experience playoff success in some form, but all of them had memorable moments aplenty. We can debate merits a little, but I'm pulling executive privilege on this first ballot and saying those four will be on it.

That leaves one spot left to vote on, which is where things get harder. Who are the candidates for the final spot this season?

Roger Clemens, SP

Jimmy Wynn, OF

Larry Dierker, SP/Manager

Jose Cruz, OF

Lance Berkman, OF/1B

Roy Oswalt, SP

It's a tough list to pick from, but that's your task. We'll set it up as a poll, so go ahead and vote for who you think should be the fifth and final member of the first annual TCB Astros Hall of Fame class. Go ahead and put your reasoning for your pick in the comments, too. Do Roy and Lance have enough time in an Astros uniform to justify a spot? For that matter, does Clemens, even if he may be the best pitcher to ever suit up for Houston?

Let's do this. Let's change the tenor of this day to one of celebration as we welcome a new class of Hall of Famers to TCB.