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Super Sunday Links 8 Jan 2012

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Here are some links to hold you over while we wait with bated breath for the Hall of Fame voting results.

Hall of Fame

Next week’s Cooperstown election results today
By Chris Jaffe

Joe Posnanski » Posts The Future (and Past) of the HOF «
By Joe Posnanski. A good history lesson on the BBWAA voting process.

The Platoon Advantage: Update: Three More Suspected Plagiarists Slither Out From Under Their Rocks
By The Common Man

Denying Jeff Bagwell would be a travesty - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
By David Schoenfield

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Dive into the inner workings of Phil Rogers' mind, won't you?
Miss Fire Joe Morgan? Can't wait until they take over Deadspin again? AC provides your fix.

Everything Else Prospects: Winter Baseball: Winter Wonders: Winter Wonders: Brian Bogusevic Gets Some Needed At Bats
Brian Bogusevic on his time in winter ball.

Golden anniversary: Astrodome groundbreaking
By Chris Jaffe

Offseason Notes: Houston Gets Its Nerd On | FanGraphs Baseball
Rate J.D. and Brownie.

Appy Astros: Quote: Sig Mejdal
A very nice find by Appy Astro.

Ultimate Astros » On behalf of Astros fans, see you in hell, 2011
By Zachary Levine