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Super Sunday Links 29 Jan 2012

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While conroestro was comparing the Astros and Cardinals drafts I was putting together these delightful links.

All About The Astros

Richard Justice: Astros' name connects with fans' pride in city | News
A good article by Richard Justice. I'm curious to know though why he choose two playoff loses as memories.

Broadcaster Jim Deshaies chats with Astros fans | News
J.D. answered questions from fans in an online chat this past Tuesday. This is the transcript of that chat in-case you missed it.

Ultimate Astros " Best individual seasons in Astros history? The envelopes, please
By Steve Campbell

S2S 2012 Team Prospect Lists: Houston Astros - Seedlings to Stars - A Minor League Baseball Site - Draft and Prospect News, Blogs, Opinion and More
By Nathaniel Stoltz

The 1986 Astros reunion: celebrating good times and great baseball memories. " Alyson's Footnotes
Alyson Footer covered the 1986 Houston Astro reunion.

Delino DeShields Jr. Resembles Dad… Sort Of | FanGraphs Baseball
By Mike Newman

Not The Draft

Younger Is Not Always Better in the Dominican | FanGraphs Baseball
By Jim Breen

Pre-Season College Top 100 Draft Prospects - Minor League Ball
Ranking the college pool before the first pitch of the season.

Appy Astros: Age in the Appy and Making the Show
AppyAstros looks at the age factor for all teams in the Appy League.