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The Astros 2012 Slogan

Jim Crane has said everything's on the table: uniforms, ticket prices, even the team name; he'll evaluate everything. With that in mind I find myself most interested in the slogan for 2012.

Every year the marketing department for the Astros comes up with a new slogan for the upcoming season. Last year it was "We Are Your Astros" in 2007 it was "The Return of the Good Guys." Honestly those are the only two that come to mind and Google hasn't been kind to me in searching for past slogans. The point of this article though is not to remember the slogans of the past but to brainstorm one for the upcoming season. Maybe it shouldn't even be a slogan, maybe it should be more of a theme.

My first idea for a slogan was a song, "Changes" by David Bowie. This led me to remembering that Tupac also had a song named "Changes." There are certain elements in each song that Astro fans can identify with, but neither really fit.

Maybe songs aren't such a good idea which is why I'm glad I found this slogan generator. Each click producing a new and more entertaining phrase for our beloved Astros. Some of my favorites:

"Wait Till We Get Our Astros On You"

"Behold the Power of The Astros"

"Just One Astro - Give It To Me!"

"Uh-oh, Better Get Astros"

"Please Don't Squeeze The Astros"

"We All Adore an Astros"

"We Don't Make Astros. We Make Astros Better"

"The Astros of a New Generation"

"The Biggest Astros Pennies Can Buy"

The official Astros slogan is still a couple months away but lets see if we can't find one for TCB. Post your favorite slogan's or theme's in the comments below and we'll do a poll next week.