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Lower Prices At Minute Maid A Welcome Change

I'm no extreme couponer, but I do enjoy a good deal. I was extremely pleased to hear about the Astros' plan to lower ticket prices and change the food policy at Minute Maid.

Jim Crane announced the changes yesterday in a press conference.

The most dramatic price drops are in the Field and Club level seats, where the prices are dropped more than $10 per seat. Outfield Deck tickets for adults dropped from $7 to $5. Tickets for children ages 3-14 are a buck.

Is this all a ruse to get fans in the stadium and then snare them with ridiculously high food prices?

Well, if you're an organized sports fan, you can bring your own peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Just make sure your food is in a small, clear bag. I do have a few questions about this policy:

  • Are we talking airport security small?
  • Does the food have to be homemade? Because when you say small, clear bag, I'm thinking a Ziploc with a ham sandwich.
  • What if I prefer Subway sandwich? Does the sandwich need to be out of the paper wrapper? What about the chips? Do they have to be in a small, clear bag? Can I bring in the Subway sandwich and chips if I dump it all in the plastic bag they give me?
  • soup unless it's in a bag?

Okay, okay...I jest. But, this policy change is a good thing. Because a family of four really can attend a game for $12. They can bring some snacks from home and not blow the budget on hot dogs. And perhaps it will be healthier fare than what's typical at a ball park. Carrots! Carrots fit into small, clear bags.

Fans are also allowed to bring up to a liter of water. Unfortunately, it can't be in a reusable container. It has got to be a sealed, plastic bottle. But, a bottle of water from the outside is much, much cheaper than the same stuff in Minute Maid.

Most baseball stadiums allow outside food and (nonalcoholic) drink, so these changes are on par with the league and are very welcome.

I haven't heard anything about a reduction of prices for food within the stadium. Probably will still be paying outrageous sums for a nacho fix.

But there's the beer. Glorious domestic in 14 oz. plastic cups for $5. And once you've drunk six or seven of those, maybe a team name change won't seem so bad. In fact, maybe you'll think of a few awesome suggestions.

All in all, I am all for reducing prices. I applaud these changes.

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