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Super Sunday Links 22 Jan 2012

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While Brooks was educating us on injuries I was putting together these links to finish off your weekend.

Last Minute Links

How Sarah Burke would have wanted to be remembered - espnW
By Alyssa Roenigk


Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | MLB Rookie Prg: Paul Clemens, HOU RHP - Video | Multimedia
2012 MLB Rookie Career Development Program: Houston Astros prospect Paul Clemens on being traded and joining a new organization

What the Heck, Bobby?: Interview with Rafy Valenzuela
Q&A with utility Minor League player Rafael Valenzuela

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with Jarred Cosart
Q&A with Astros Minor League pitcher Jarred Cosart

Taking Care of Business

As 2012 MLB Season Approaches, Blackout Policy Likely to Remain
File this one in the “broken record” department: prepare for yet another season of MLB’s blackout policy remaining in place. This probably doesn't affect those of you in the Houston area. For those outside the Houston area: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Die Hard Astros Blog: Loyalty: A Response to Maury Brown
Matt has some issues with some of Mr. Brown's thoughts on the Astros fan base. He makes a good point.

The Inner Workings

Creative Destruction and Scouting in Baseball - Beyond the Box Score
Technological breakthroughs typically bring about disruptive effects on industries and labor pools. It's no different when it comes to scouting and evaluating talent in baseball.

Do Coaches Shape Pitchers in Their Own Images? - Beyond the Box Score
It makes intuitive sense that a pitching coach's own playing experience would affect how he mentors his staff. But does such an effect actually exist in baseball?

The Platoon Advantage: Leave other fans aloooooooooooone
By Jason Wojciechowski