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Super Sunday Links 15 Jan 2012

While Jeff Luhnow was throwing 97 MPH, I was putting together these hot links for your viewing pleasure.


What Starting Pitcher Metrics Correlate Year-to-Year? - Beyond the Box Score
By Bill Petti. Some pitching metrics are more descriptive than predictive. Here's a quick reference for which metrics correlate year-to-year for starting pitchers.

Aging Strikeouts: You’ll Never Be This Good Again | FanGraphs Baseball
By Eno Sarris

Hitters Age Like Wine — Power Like Cheese? | FanGraphs Baseball
By Eno Sarris

Debate Is A Good Thing

Hall debate spawns a new stats superhero, Saberboy

Baseball Prospectus | BP Unfiltered: Watching Jack Play
By Colin Wyers

2012 Hall of Fame Vote: BBWAA Should End Secret Ballots - Beyond the Box Score
By Lewie Pollis | Don't think the BBWAA's secret ballots matter? Writers who revealed their picks voted quite differently than voters who remained anonymous.

The Hall of Fame and the Myth of Exclusivity - Beyond the Box Score
There's this myth that the Hall of Fame is super exclusive and should be reserved for only the elite players in history. Only thing is, it's not. And it hasn't been in a long, long time.

Coming And Going

Dennis Liborio: loyal employee, clubhouse staple, one of a kind. " Alyson's Footnotes
By Alyson Footer

The Journey of Fernando Martinez - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels