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Holy Hand Grenades! Houston Kids Wake Up, Beat D'Backs 9-1

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Projection systems are only as good as the data you feed into them. For years and years, we have seen statistics saying that players called up straight from Double-A can't or won't perform well in the majors. We're just expected to accept this as an inevitability.

Then there are cases like J.D. Martinez and Jose Altuve. Martinez, questioned about his power stroke every season he's been in Houston's system, was projected by ZiPS to hit just four home runs for the rest of this season. That's over a projected 157 plate appearances. He's got three in 34 plate appearances right now. Project that out over a whole season and he's on pace to hit 52 home runs. There's no way that happens, but it still flies in the face of everything we thought we knew about J.D. Martinez.

Same for Jose Altuve, who was supposedly too small to hit at  Double-A, much less the National League. He's hit almost .400 this year to prove those people wrong and, given a chance in the majors, has hit .348 in 71 plate appearances through Monday's game. That includes a 3 for 5 performance Monday with a double, raising his OPS to .781. As a 21-year old rookie. 

Between the two of them, Martinez and Altuve barely have 100 plate appearances in the majors under their belts. There are adjustments to be made, adjustments to the adjustments and a whole lot of statistical evening-out. But, we could just be seeing the start of a couple of statistical oddities. The guys that break the mold. The ones who show up in FanGraphs articles, asking "What's up with Jose Altuve?" Even if it only lasts a little while, it'll be a fun ride, won't it?

 I know, right? This whole article only referenced tonight's game, like, twice. What's up with that?



I have no answer for you. It was a good win, but that's what I wanted to talk about tonight, so I did.