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Astros Lay Down Again, Lose 7-3

After winning an impressive series against the Reds earlier this week, our Astros were shellacked by the Brewers... again.

Consecutive weekend series against Milwaukee, and what do the Astros have to show for it? How about an 0-6 record and quite a pathetic showing of starting pitching? J.A. Happ, Brett Myers, and Bud Norris combined to throw 15 innings while allowing 17 earned runs this weekend.

Yuck. The Brewers have been awful on the road this year, but this weekend was a different story. Prince Fielder continued to crush Astros' pitching with another two-run shot in the first inning, and Yuniesky Betancourt finished this series with eight hits and five RBIs. Yuniesky Betancourt... really?

Prior to the trade deadline last weekend, Brewers fans were calling for Betancourt's head on a platter. All he needed was a little change of scenery, and hitting at Minute Maid Park seemed to do the trick.

As I stated earlier, Bud Norris had a tough afternoon on the mound today. He surrendered eight hits and six runs through his five innings of work, and he only struck out two batters. That makes four total strikeouts in Bud's last ten innings dating back to Monday's start against the Reds, and it looks as if his blister could really be bothering him right now.

The Astros embark on a seven-game road trip tomorrow, beginning with the Diamondbacks and then Dodgers.