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Super Sunday Links 7 August, 2011

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While I was getting my first look at this new team called the Astros, I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure. 


When Things Don't Go Right

Phillies Lead All Teams With Most Minor League Drug Suspensions

The Astros make the list with one player.

Astros skipper Brad Mills to explore options on how to get Happ back on track - Houston Houston Astros |

If the Astros actually looked at advanced statistics they would of see the J.A. Happ has probably just been unlucky. Now that doesn't mean Happ is a good pitcher, but probably an average pitcher. He's your typically fifth starter. Some time down in the Minors with Burt Hooton should do him so good.




Behind the Scenes

That’s Entertainment " A Temporary Perspective

You want a reason to go to the balpark. How about the award winning entertainment put on by the Astros entertainment staff. As a Media Arts student this is something I am aspiring to do.

Get uniforms right and be who you are - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Steve Berthiaume takes a subjective look at the uniforms used by teams. Many of you will be pleased that he thinks the Astros should go back for a more traditional look. He thinks the Astros have too much of a corporate look which is exactly what Drayton McLane was going for when he changed the team colors to match his own company colors.




The Long Gone

Remembering better days for Astros - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

A trip down memory lane and some of the great Astros that line it.

Braves say Bourn was the trade target all along  |

There's an interesting tidbit in here about the Braves wanting Bourn all along. All that speculation about them possibly getting Pence was just so the Braves could raise the price on the Phillies. Then they turn around and get Bourn at a discount. Well played Mr. Wren well played.

Why is no one crying over Michael Bourn? Difference in reaction from Hunter Pence trade striking — and wrong - 2011-Jul-31 - CultureMap Houston

I wouldn't say there wasn't any outrage over Bourn getting traded, but he does have a point about the difference in reaction to the trades of Pence and Bourn.