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TCB Podcast Episode 16

TCB Podcast EP 15
TCB Podcast EP 15

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums.

 In this episode David Coleman, Brooks Parker and I discuss:

  • Wandy Rodriguez's waiver claim
  • J.A. Happ called up
  • Who else is getting called up in September
  • Whether Jarred Cosart is a disappointment and his 101 MPH fastball
  • Facepalm of the week

Apologizes that this is coming out a day later, Monday night (my edit night) I was in my garage battling some stubborn bolts in my car for about three hours. Anyways it's now edited and ready for your ears. For those of you that do listen to the podcast and get it through iTunes I would absolutely love it if you could rate and maybe review the show I would greatly appreciate it.


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