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Tuesday Liftoff Links

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While you may of been working and the Astros were preparing to take on the Pirates I was putting together this list of links to help you get through the day.



Uh Oh Spaghetti O's

Ultimate Astros " Justice: MLB could be sending message that it has doubts about Crane
Richard Justice speculates on what could be taking so long for MLB to approve Jim Crane as owner.

Why Jim Crane Might Not Get Approved as Astros Owner For Some Time, If At All
More speculation that Crane's past is holding up the approval process.

Roger Clemens' lawyers reply to government's argument for pretrial | News
and here we go again. I don't know about you but I just don't care anymore.



Astro Stuff

NL Central: Brew Crew cruising
This once-hot division battle has cooled completely. A look at some of the more interesting things involved with our beloved division. Jordan Lyles is the only Astro to make an appearance.

Top games of the week: Aug. 21-27
Here are the five most exciting games from this week. I've been waiting a while for the Astros to show up on this list and I've finally got my wish. It of course was the game the lost to the Giants on the 21st of August.

Altuve continues to impress Mills with body of work, ability to make adjustments - Houston Houston Astros |
Stephen Goff profiles Jose Altuve and the impression he's left on Brad Mills. We also learn that Altuve plans to play Winter ball.

Ultimate Astros " Which of the new old guys should the Astros bring back for 2012?
Chip Bailey takes a look at who the Astros should and shouldn't bring back next year.



Other Stuff

Joe Blogs: Pitchers and the MVP Award
Joe Posnanski takes a look at the MVP Award and the history of pitchers winning it.

Q&A with SaberWizard Tom Tango - Beyond the Box Score
Forgot to throw in this interesting interview with the one and only Tom Tango AKA TangoTiger.