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Thursday Liftoff Links

While you were still celebrating Jordan Lyles' first win, Tim was putting these links together for you. From the beach. Yes, you should be ashamed.

Big Name Writers Section

Billy Beane, Moneyball sage and A's GM, hurt by change in thinking - Tom Verducci -
Verducci looks at the changing landscape of how organizations are viewing young players. Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn fit that mold as young players with some control still left and the big reason why they were hot commodities this trade deadline.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The New Code of Baseball "

Posnanski gives his unique point of view on the Jared Weaver incident this past weekend. 

Draft Updates

Return on Over-Slot Signees in Amateur Draft | FanGraphs Baseball
An objective look into the draft and signing players for over slot money.

Return on Over-Slot Signings (Part 2) | FanGraphs Baseball
A continuation of looking at over slot signings and the value they provide.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Why Major League Baseball Needs to Change its On-Deck Routines -
Major-league hitters have a time-honored routine of swinging heavy objects in the on-deck circle, convinced it improves their bat speed. Research shows, though, that it does the exact opposite. This is something we touched on in the podcast last year.


Mike Moustakas benched so that he can work on swing | HardballTalk
The Royals said Wednesday that Mike Moustakas will get the next two days off so that he can work on an adjustment to a swing that's produced a .194 average to date. So, does this mean Moose is worthless or that Brett Wallace still have value? I'm confused...


C.J. Nitkowski's experience with stem cell treatment - The Bonus -
C.J. is not just a former Astros pitcher with an awesome name. He's also a pretty intelligent guy who writes a great article on Bartolo Colon's stem cell treatment.