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Wednesday Liftoff Links

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While Tim's on vacation, reveling in the Michael Bourn trade, I was putting these links together for you.

Minor leagues


Stubby Clapp Has Epic Meltdown After Being Ejected From Tri City Game Monday | Top Prospect Alert Minor League Blog - 
He was not a fan of this call. Would you be happier with Stubby as the Astros manager instead of Millsy?


MLB Draft - Jack Armstrong and Carter Capps on opposite paths in the Cape Cod League - ESPN
Oh boy. Bad news about Jack Armstrong. Or, is it good news as it'll get him to sign faster?

Trade Roundup


Prospects in the Michael Bourn Trade - Minor League Ball
Prospects in the Michael Bourn Trade: Juan Abreu, Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens


Waiver Deal Candidates | FanGraphs Baseball
Wandy's on the list, but says there's no reason for Wade to trade him. Maybe.


Michael Bourn and Self-Evaluation - Beyond the Box Score
A story on the importance of proper self-evaluation, relating to Michael Bourn's trade to Atlanta. It's nice to see someone outside the Astros blogosphere expressing the same thoughts we've been having.

Miscellaneous geekery


Crowdsourcing MLB Broadcasters: Names and Places | FanGraphs Baseball
The start of an effort to grade broadcasters based on the wisdom of the crowds.


"The media tries to keep Philadelphia fans from being happy" | HardballTalk
I hope someday to get called out in a similar manner.









Tough Losses - Beyond the Box Score
Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton both turn up on this list of pitchers with the most tough luck losses in their careers.