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Super Sunday Links 28 August 2011

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While the Astros were playing at a reasonable time verse the Giants I was putting together these links to finish off your weekend.



Those Darn Statistics

Hitter Volatility Part VI: Getting it Right is More Important than Being Right - Beyond the Box Score
Bill Petti | Hitter Volatility Part VI: Getting it Right is More Important than Being Right.

Context Rules All | FanGraphs Baseball
Keeping things in context from year to year can be difficult if you ignore the baseline.

Descriptive and Predictive Metrics | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron brings up a good point about how you use statistics.



A Subjective Approach

"I Miss the Astros" SULLY BASEBALL August 25, 2011 - YouTube
I'm not as into the old uniforms as some of you are, but I loved this.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Myth of Pressure "
Agonizing over the AL MVP vote and whether or not a player on a bad team matters.



Stuff Involving the Astros

Appy Astros: Jordan Scott Gets Shafted in All Star Voting
Was one of the Astro Minor League players snubbed of an All-Star selection. AppyAstro compares Jordan Scott to the other outfielders selected to Appy League All-Star Team.

Astros' Norris finally gets a chance to pitch in his 'hometown' park against the Giants - Marin Independent Journal
I love when players play in their hometowns, we get articles like these that give us a little bit more depth about that particular player. This one is on Bud Norris.

Tal Smith: Astros farm system is rebounding |
An interview with the one, the only Tal Smith. Some interesting tidbits in this one, why the double-A promotions and the recent trades involving the Astros. The most interesting thing I found was that Smith named Jonathan Singelton and Domingo Santana as the two impact players in the Hunter Pence trade.