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Wednesday Liftoff Links

Getty Images for IAAF

While you were enjoying your lunch I was putting together these delicious links for your indulgence.


Long Gone

Lyon: Every Team Needs A Hunter Pence
Freed from the Astros prison and shipped to a championship favorite where he doesn’t have to be the back that carries the saddle, Hunter Pence is flourishing with the Phillies. They're really loving him up north, which isn't surprising.

Breaking Down Houston's Fire Sale | August
A look at Houston's two big trades last month, and how the teams are faring since.



Waiting in the Wings

Life in the bullpen for Jim Crane: Astros owner-in-waiting turns to baseball talk, family & charity as MLB vets on - 2011-Aug-22 - CultureMap Houston
"I'm in the bullpen waiting to go in," Jim Crane says, shaking hands at the entrance of the Astros Wives Gala. Crane's life is in the bullpen at the moment ... A recap of the Astros Wives Black Ties and Baseball Caps gala with a focus on owner in waiting Jim Crane.

Ultimate Astros » Coming soon to Minute Maid? How about 2016?
Mike Tauser looks at some of the young players who could be with the Astros in the year 2016. Happ is going to be given the call.

Farmstros: These Eight could be TBA
Mike Tauser takes a look at the candidates to start for the Astros Thursday.

The Art of Scouting: How to Compile a Professional Scouting Report - Beyond the Box Score
Need to know how to file a scouting report the professional way? Dave Gershman has your answer.




The System is Down

The Folly Of The "Slot Money" System -
A look at some of the repercussions if Major League Baseball decides to go to a slotting system for the draft.

Appy Astros: Arguello Released
It's always sad to see a release of a Minor League player. Appy Astro takes a look at Douglas Arguello and his rise through the Minors.