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The Rare Walk-Off Grand Slam Beats Cubs 6-5

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I mentioned in a game recap about a month ago that Dave Raymond and Brett Dolan spent about two innings on the radio talking about the rare walk-off grand slam. It went further than that. i think they called this subset a Super Grand Slam, when the blast makes up a three-run deficit and gives its team the win instantly.

My memory of this is a bit hazy, but I think they said it only happened like 12 times in National League history.

That is, until Brian Bogusevic did it for the 13th time Tuesday night.

The Astros snapped a seven game losing streak with the victory and trailed for much of the game, so I don't want to make it sound like this is bigger than it is. But, hot damn, wasn't that cool? We have been waiting for years now to get some youth infused into this team and now we have it in droves. Every time a guy like Altuve, J.D. or even someone like Bogey steps up, it's bigger than just the victory. It's a good sign for the future.

That doesn't mean losses are bad signs or when they fail, it dooms the organization. Losses and failure are just as important to development. All I'm saying is that this game, right here, was just a bit sweeter because it was Bogey, a young gun, hitting that homer instead of Jason Michaels or Carlos Lee.