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TCB Podcast Episode 14

Sponsored by Leiturgia Communications

  • Signing George Springer
  • Trading Wandy Rodriguez
  • I stroke my ego
  • Our top 10 minor leaguer which will probably change in the next podcast due to what happened yesterday
  • We work on our pronunciations of minor leaguer names

Apologizes this week on the cold start, I screwed up the first two minutes of the recording which included intros and a short discussion on the Aggies moving to the SEC. Which could probably be the recurring theme for the podcast this week considering we recorded Sunday night and a lot of what we discussed was changed due to the developments yesterday. Still it's some good conversation especially about Minor League players in our top 10 lists.

Also the guys are interested in doing wrestler names for the Astro players on so if you have any suggestions feel free to send them in via the email address below.



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