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Astros Sign George Springer, Jack Armstrong At Deadline

At a press conference that is no doubt still going on, the Houston Astros are announcing that they signed both George Springer and Jack Armstrong before the signing deadline tonight. No word yet on the signing bonuses, but they should be pretty good, if the other signings tonight are any indication. UPDATE - Springer signed for $2.525 million, according to @Zoodig through MLB Trade Rumors. Brian McTaggart just tweeted that Armstrong got $750,000 in his deal, which was right around what Austin Wates got last season (and what I totally called for the past week). Springer's deal is also about $500,000 over slot.

In other tangential baseball news, the Pirates signed Texas prepster Josh Bell for a reported $5 million dollars. Bell was the first pick in the second round, despite sending a letter to every team saying he would honor his commitment to the University of Texas. Looks like A&M isn't the only one running away from the Longhorns...bazinga!

That also means Houston did not reach an agreement 14th round pick Gandy Stubblefield, who will head to College Station and play for the Aggies.

No word yet on the contracts each player signed, so what are your best guesses on Springer and Armstrong? Are you surprised either or both got deals done? Has there been a bigger day of Astros news in a while? I know the trades were big, but there have been some big stories compressed all on this Monday. It's a lot to deal with.