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Report: Astros Complete PTBNL With Phillies, Add Domingo Santana

The Phillies blog Phoul Ballz is reporting that the Astros will receive Domingo Santana as the fourth and final player from the Hunter Pence trade. If you'll remember, Santana was one of the players on the Lakeland Blue Crabs and the Astros were rumored to have a list of players from that team they could choose.

Santana was certainly the most intriguing name on that list. As a five-tool player, Santana has a chance to rocket up the Astros system. His peformance has not matched his tools yet, but he's still got the potential to be a pretty good player and is much better than just a throw-in.

The bigger question now is: can you make a case that every player in the Hunter Pence trade was better than any of the players in the Michael Bourn trade. I don't think it's a case you would win, but it can certainly be made. That makes me pretty sad.

What do you think? I know OremLK will like this move, as he's been pushing for Santana for a while now. Certainly, he feels like a nice addition to what was already a very nice trade for Houston. Will have more on him in the next day or so.