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Signing Day 2011: What's In Store For The Astros?

We talked about this a little on the podcast Sunday night (which will be released sometime soon), but with the signing deadline at midnight tonight, it seemed like a good time for an update.

Houston has a few prospects it seems to still be negotiating with, including first-round pick George Springer, third-round pick Jack Armstrong, 14th round pick Gandy Stubblefield and 25th rounder Billy Flamion. Interestingly, that also feels like the order of likeliness that they'll sign, with Springer being most likely and Flamion being least likely.

Springer has been rumored to be asking for up to $10 million, but that might just be a ploy to drive up his price closer to $3 million. That's probably where I see him ending up when he does sign (if he does sign). With Armstrong, we have a little less info on what it'd take to sign him, but if I had to guess, I think he'll fall around whereAustin Wates did last season or around $750,000.

As Subber10 mentioned in the podcast, word is that Stubblefield has heard the Astros final offer and would rather go to Texas A&M. Flamion also has a pretty firm college commitment to Oregon with all that Nike money. There is a chance Houston signs one of those two, but it will be more about the player's deciding to sign rather than the Astros offering enough money.

We'll keep you updated throughout the day as we hear more on the deadline's happenings.

UPDATEPer Zachary Levine, the Astros are only negotiating still with Springer, Armstrong and Stubblefield. That means no Hoke Granger or Billy Flamion. While it's bad news for those of you on the Granger bandwagon, I have to say it's good news that they're still talking with Stubblefield. It'd be nice to get him added to the system.

UPDATE II: Jonathan Mayo has an article up on, which puts forth a theory that Anthony Rendon's negotiations with the Washington Nationals may be holding up Houston's negotiations with Springer. So, now you have one more thing to keep looking for: Anthony Rendon's agreement.