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Wednesday Liftoff Links

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While the Astros were taking on the Diamondbacks in one of the more interesting games of the year I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure.


Zobrist vs Fielder: A Position Adjustment Primer | FanGraphs Baseball
Clack kind of stole my thunder on this one Monday but it's worth linking again. Dave Cameron discusses some of Buster Olney's tweets over the weekend in regards to WAR. If you were to take a look at the WAR leader board, as Olney did, you would notice that Ben Zobrist is rater higher than Prince Fielder. Cameron dives into WAR and why perception doesn't always match objective information.

Measuring the Growth of Sabermetrics - Beyond the Box Score
How fast has sabermetrics taken over the world of baseball, baseball writing, and the general baseball blogosphere? Check out this quick analysis and cool graph from Josh Weinstock.

Astro talk

BaseballGB " Weekly Hit Ground Ball: Do the Astros-lite make a mockery of the Majors?
The state of the Astros from across the pond.

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: Former Hamden Hall pitcher Josh Zeid offering up relief in Texas heat after trade - Sports - Post-Chronicle
Zeid describes his thoughts on being traded to the Astros and what he was doing when he got the call that he had been traded for Hunter Pence.

Other Random Things

BayBears 12, Biscuits 7: Ward keeps field of dreams alive in minors | The Montgomery Advertiser |
Former Astro Daryle Ward is still playing baseball.

After Trade Deadline, Teams and GMs Remain Swamped - MLB Daily Dish
The day after the trade deadline can feel a lot like the day after Christmas - no more excitement, no more hype, no more action. Luckily, perception is not the reality in baseball.

Cheap Wins vs. Tough Losses - Beyond the Box Score
Who earned the most "cheap wins" since 1919? Who suffered the most "tough losses"?