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Youth Movement Leads Astros To Exciting 4-3 Win

It took eight innings for the Astros to score again after the second, but it was worth the wait.

With the bases loaded and no outs, Jose Altuve's hard-hit ball to Brandon Phillips drove in the winning run in the tenth inning.

Bud Norris' night was again cut short when he exited in the sixth with a blister on his right index finger, and that now makes two consecutive starts in which Bud has left early because of this problem. He was hit pretty hard tonight allowing ten hits through his five-plus innings, and I'm beginning to worry that this could be a lingering issue. His control wasn't very sharp either, and he had to work from the stretch for most of the game.

Jimmy Paredes had quite the major league debut when he tripled home two runs in the second, but the rest of the offense looked stagnant against Bronson Arroyo. The Reds right-hander was in command after allowing three runs in the second, and it took him only 95 pitches to get through his eight innings of work.

J.D. Martinez didn't look very smooth defensively, and it looks as if he really needs to work on playing the ball off the left-field wall better. If Carlos Lee can learn to judge the bounce effectively, I have plenty of faith that J.D. can as well.

While Luis Durango's debut wasn't quite as exciting as Paredes', it still wasn't too shabby. He worked the count in his first at-bat and drew a nice leadoff walk. He grounded out to the pitcher in his other two trips to the plate, but he did make a nice running catch in deep left-center early in the game.

It was fun watching this team compete tonight, and I think this influx of young talent should be very exciting. Even if you think some of the call-ups were premature, you can't argue that watching the future of our team isn't somewhat entertaining.

As Astros fans in a dire season such as this one, we must look for small things to cheer about it. Tonight it was Jose Altuve that provided the excitement, who will it be tomorrow?