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Top Astros All-Star Moments: No. 4 - Icons Abound

We're heading down the home stretch on these All-Star moments. Here we come to a game that wasn't particularly notable for what the Astros representatives did, but like No. 5 on this list, it was all about firsts. Our fourth-best Astros moment is the 2006 All-Star Game, when Phil Garner became the first manager in team history to manage an All-Star Game and Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman made their only All-Star appearance together.

Garner was selected as the manager of the NL-pennant winning Astros. Neither Oswalt or Berkman started in the game, but both did get in. Roy pitched the third inning, mowing down Mark Loretta, Magglio Ordonez and Ichiro Suzuki in order (and striking out Magglio). Berkman then entered the game in the bottom of the seventh as a pinch hitter. He walked against Johan Santana with one out in the inning, but David Wright followed with a ground ball double play to end the threat.

Of course, this game was also notable as one of the few shots the National League had to break the AL's winning streak. The NL took a 2-1 lead into the top of the ninth, so Garner brought in Trevor Hoffman, who was in the midst of his last dominant season. Hoffman finished second in the Cy Young voting with a 2.12 ERA and a league-leading 46 saves for the Padres. His xFIP was much higher at 4.08, so there was evidence that he was more lucky than good in his 63 innings that season, but he was still a better option that Tom Gordon and the last reliever Garner had in the bullpen.

Hoffman got two quick outs, too, inducing ground balls back to the pitcher from Jermaine Dye and Miguel Tejada. He then gave up a ground ball single to Paul Konerko (who was promplty pinch-ran for with Jose Lopez). Troy Glaus followed with a ground-rule double, while Michael Young won the game with a line drive triple to center field, scoring both Glaus and Lopez to give the AL a 3-2 lead.

You can't really knock him bringing in Hoffman, or for his defensive selections, as Carlos Beltran was in center field, on his way to another Gold Glove and 10.3 Fielding Runs that season. But, Garner still got tagged with the loss, continuing the AL's dominance in the event.

I know I hinted at this Friday, but it's really going to be Sunday's entry that touches on the most Astro-ey All-Star Game yet. Are you catching All-Star fever yet?