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Return To The Corpus Christi Hooks

The ZOOperstars entertained fans at Whataburger Field on Friday night (photo by Kristen Shumbera)
The ZOOperstars entertained fans at Whataburger Field on Friday night (photo by Kristen Shumbera)

It was the feel good day of the season at Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi as the Corpus Christi Hooks defeated the Tulsa Drillers on Friday evening, at least for this baseball fan.

I’m visiting Corpus Christi with a friend. There was a time BH (Before Husband) when I would never have considered attending a baseball game when traveling. Oh, how times have changed. Here I am in Corpus, sans husband, and still going to games. 


While standing in line to purchase tickets, a couple approached the queue the said they had four extra tickets for reserved seats they were offering up for free. My friend and I graciously accepted two of the tickets.


It may have been a good thing that David was not here. For those of you who don’t know, he has an irrational fear of mascots. And today’s promotional event was a visit by the ZOOperstars <>. I’m afraid the antics of Harry Canary would have scarred my husband for life. I thought the dancing styles of Ichiroach Suzuki and Manatee Ramirez were hilarious! Such coordination and grace!


We were sitting around some friendly Hooks fans. We learned that one man was involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas <>. He brought his little brother to the game. I was also pleased to talk to members of the South Texas Chapter of the ALS Association <>. The group had a table, and they were promoting awareness of Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the local Walk to Defeat ALS. As regular readers of the site know, this is a cause near and dear to David and me.


As the game stretched into ten innings and the Hooks had the bases loaded, I halfway expected men to be left stranded. I am, after all, an Astros fan. I swear I watched the game and got to see some notable players. David told me a list of players to watch for that are on the "like" list, including J.D. Martinez and Jose Altuve. Martinez ended the game with his single to left-center field and bringing the runner on third home. Ah...sweet victory! I will relish that for a while. Neither Astros nor Hooks fans have gotten to see many Ws from the teams this year. 


And, the icing on the cake--it was Firework Friday! It’s been a dry year in Central Texas. A burn ban has been in effect, so there were no fireworks for us on the Fourth of July. This may have been Alyson Footer’s fourth firework show in the past week, but for me it was my one and only of the summer.