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Terrelle Pryor, Future Astro?

Now batting for your 2013 Astros, number 2, Terrelle Pryor.

Then, I wake up and realize I was dreaming again. With the Astros on pace for 106 losses, my dreams have resulted in highly improbable possibilities like Carlos Lee being traded. Still, it seems like teams are willing to risk taking former college quarterbacks, and the Astros are in prime position to take risk this season with Ed Wade's Executive of the Year Campaign dissolving like sugar in water. It's no secret that quarterbacks get drafted by MLB teams. In this year's draft, Bubba Starling ,as many know is a promising quarterback recruit for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, was drafted by the Kansas City Royals with the 5th overall pick. Joe Mauer committed to Florida State to play quarterback and was a USA Today High School Player of the Year in both Football and Baseball.

Recently there seems to be a trend of teams willing to take an established college quarterback that has quit playing baseball. Some examples include former Oregon Ducks and current Steelers backup Dennis Dixon, who was drafted by the Braves in the 5th round of the 2007 MLB draft. Then there is former Washington and current Titan's quarterback Jake Locker, who was a 10th round pick in the 2009 draft. The Cubs drafted Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the 43rd round of the same draft. Both players had signed with their respective MLB teams but chose NFL riches. Still, both teams have their rights for 6 years after their signings, and both teams are constantly generating top prospects. Their gambles could pay off with the recent lockout.

The Rockies seem to have really gone with this trend of college quarterbacks especially in the 2010 draft. Clemson's Kyle Parker and Wisconsin's Russell Wilson are college quarterbacks that are currently playing in their system. Parker, the Rockies 1st round pick that year is playing centerfield with the Asheville Tourists. Strangely enough, Wilson a 4th round pick in 2010 by the Rockies is currently playing 2nd base for the Asheville Tourists. Pat White returned to baseball after an unsuccessful stint with the Miami Dolphins. He signed a contract with the Royals last year, but he retired before ever playing. Pat White is not the only player to dabble in both. Former Wolverines QB Drew Henson also dabbled in both professional realms, like White, and was ultimately unsuccessful. The risk definitely seems to be worth it. Adam Dunn and Todd Helton played quarterback in college. Both have been ultra consistent in their careers. Granted, Dunn is in the midst of his worst year. Former quarterbacks seem to become position players more than pitchers. So Pryor would probably profile more as a corner outfielder.

For the Astros, this would seem to be good risk, but what about Pryor. He recently spurned a Canadian Football offer, so the likelihood of him signing is low. If Pryor showed interest, he would join the likes of John Elway and Dan Marino as quarterbacks who could have played either sport. Pryor is a natural athlete. He is 6'6" and runs a reported an unofficial 4.33 40 yard dash. This gives him the similar makeup, without the baseball background, to Darryl Strawberry and Josh Hamilton. Pryor was also a big time basketball player in high school, so he is not a one trick pony. Plus, Bobby Heck and Ed Wade love signing athletes.

Ultimately, this is a very risky move that would make most General Managers cringe, but with the ever so declining state of the Astros, it might be a risk worth taking. The Astros have done it before with J.R. House. Plus, this would make us big rivals with Ohio based teams, and we could use another rivalry series. Ohio is a very passionate place, just ask LeBron. This signing is as likely as Tiger Woods reclaiming his good boy image, but with the way this season is going, we may only be able to dream.


Highest Level

Batting Average

On Base Percentage


Runs Batted In

Stolen Bases

Dennis Dixon







Jake Locker

Never Signed

Colin Kaepernick

Never Signed

Kyle Parker







Russell Wilson







Pat White

Signed, but never played

Drew Henson







Todd Helton







Adam Dunn







John Elway







Dan Marino

Never Signed

J.R. House