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Brad Hand's the Astros a Shutout Loss

No it's not Brad Mills that handed the Astros another loss it was Brad Hand this time.

The Astros handed Mr. Hand his first Major League win by scoring absolutely zero runs and managed to be no-hit by the Hand for 4 1/3 innings. Overall the Astros collected two hits and three walks against Hand who went 7 innings and lowered his ERA to 2.77. The only other hit was a Carlos Lee single in the top of the 9th against Steve Cishek.

This was one of those games that you kept on in the background while you did something else. In fact I was working on article involving the Astros race to the number one pick in next years draft. There wasn't much excitement unless you were a Marlins fan. The most exciting play for the Astros was a pick off of Mike Stanton in the bottom of the 4th inning.

J.A. Happ battled his way to the 11th loss of the season. He went 5.2 innings with 5 hits, 5 runs allowed, 7 walks, 8 strikeouts and a bomb given up to Mike Stanton. Has Prince Fielder called yet?

Enerio Del Rosario followed Happ with a scoreless 1.1 innings pitched with a strikeout, he did however manage to allow a hit and walk one. Mark "The Shark" Melancon had a perfect 8th striking out one and that was it for the pitching.

Offensively 6 men on base for the entire game isn't going to win you many games. While the meeting was nice it still doesn't change the fact that this team still has a lot of holes to fill.