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Pirates Continue Losing Ways, Astros Fall 5-3

It'd be better for Houston if one player could stand out as the villain for the Pirates. This was a team effort, though, as the top three players in the Pittsburgh lineup had at least two hits and five of the top six. Five different Pirates drove in a run and only Chase d'Arnaud scored two runs.

Most of that fell on Brett Myers, who was giving up hits left and right. He ended the day with 13 hits in six innings, giving up all five runs. At least he didn't give up a walk...Other items in the plus column is that Sergio Escalona continues to be a productive member of the bullpen (there aren't many of them) and Enerio Del Rosario put up a scoreless inning instead of giving up runs by the bushel basket.

Also, Hunter Pence had two outfield assists, one at second base and one at the plate. He was also 2 for 3 at the plate with a double and was hit by a pitch. Pence scored one run and struck out once, but at least he raised his batting average to .325.

Oh, did I mention that Jeff Keppinger was 2 for 5 with two runs scored in the two-hole? That's a good hitter for the second spot in the order, Brad Mills. Not Angel Sanchez. They are not interchangeable. Matt Downs and Chris Johnson may be at times, but Sanchez and Kepp are not.

I know there are a few of you out there still plugging through these games and I salute you. This team is finding ways to lose now and it's a chore to watch them day in and day out. Things will get better, but it's not going well right now.