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Astros Minor League Recap

I don't like doing this, but because of a very hectic weekend and Finals coming up this week, I didn't get time to actually right this one out.  Instead, I just posted a link to every box score for ya'll to have easy navigation to see everything.  I apologize for making it a little more difficult for all of you to find out what happend.  It really sucks all of this is happening right now because this really is the most exciting part of the season so far with JD Martinez getting the call-up and hitting a double to Jose Altuve doing what THE Jose Altuve does and all the way to Hunter Pence getting shipped out.

Jose Altuve Award: JD Martinez

This guy deserves all of the recognition in the world for what he's done in his career and it came to a head last night with his big double. 

Pitcher of the Week: Nicke Tropeano

I'm going off pure memory here, but I believe he pitched a shutout earlier in the week and last night performance was pretty good.  He struggled in the first inning but other than that, he was pretty solid.

Friday Games

Oklahoma City won 5-3

Corpus Christi lost 3-2

Lancaster won 8-5

Lexington lost 6-2

Tri-City won 8-1

Greeneville won 13-7

GCL Astros won 5-2

DSL Astros lost 4-1

Saturday Games

Oklahoma City lost 5-4

Corpus Christi Lost 6-5

Lancaster lost 4-3

Lexington won 8-7

Tri-City lost 4-3

Greeneville won 9-5

GCL Astros lost 5-2

DSL Astros: PPD