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Super Sunday Links 31, July 2011

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The trade deadline is almost over. I think It has added a couple years to my life.


Summer Lawn Car Tip

Lawn Mower Repair
My lawn mower was running a little goofy and blowing white smoke. I found this website and fixed my issue by simple washing out the filter. Saved me some money so I thought I'd pass the summer lawn care tip along.




The Short and Simple SIERA Primer | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs unveiled a new pitching statistic that does what FIP and xFIP won't do. Attempt to account for balls in play. It's a nice short primer for the statistics that I highly encourage you to read.

UZR Outfielder Components: 2006-2010 - Beyond the Box Score
What's more valuable for an outfielder -- not creating errors or being able to throw a runner out? Here's a graphic showing UZR Outfield Components from 2006-2010.



Trade Deadline

Ultimate Astros » Are Astros pitchers worth any (literally, any) prospects in trade?
Are Astros pitchers worth any (literally, any) prospects in trade? Zachary Levine looks at the value Brett Myers and Wandy Rodriguez provide and how a team comes to that value.

Keith Law -- Analyzing Hunter Pence trade - ESPN
Subscription required. Law thinks it's a fair deal but high risk. 

Trade Retrospective: How did the Carlos Beltran Trade to the Astros Turn Out? - MLB Daily Dish
A deep look at the Short and Long-Term Outcomes Related to Beltran's trade to Houston.



Non-Trade Stuff

Tales From the Juice Box » That Homerun Ruling Wasn’t the Cause of the Astros Loss
A nice take on the game heavily influenced by instant replay.

No Retirement in Site for Ageless Milo |
A nice profile on Milo Hamilton and several of his experiences as a baseball broadcaster.

Joe Posnanski » Posts Meals and Squeals «
Is instant replay inevitable? 

Joe Blogs: The College Connection
If I have a second favorite sports it's probably college football and it's a bit surprising to say that. I've always been into pro sports but something happened when I moved to the south east. I got sucked in and the wave of passion people around here have for their college team is nothing short of extraordinary. This piece covers a hot topic in college sports right now, paying athletes. Posnanski brings up a good point, as a current college student I have to agree.