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Astros Drop To Milwaukee, But At Least J.D. Doubled

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Yeah, that's about all I have to say about this game. I watched most of it, as J.A. Happ got shelled again, but was really pleased to see J.D. Martinez get an at-bat. Oh, and what do you know? Martinez hit the ball a mile. Not literally, mind you, because he only got a double. But, he did hit it very, very far for his first big-league hit. 

Oh, and Jose Altuve scored a run, picking up a hit in his only at-bat as a pinch hitter. So far, so good with these two. Now imagine what a lineup would look like with them in the field and Jordan Lyles on the mound. That's the future of the Astros right there....and the FUTURE IS NOW.

Let's go back to Happ before I leave you. See, Zachary Levine tweeted this and it made me feel oh, so bad for that Oswalt trade: 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 5. That's his runs allowed total in his last seven starts. Not good times for J.A. If the Astros pick up Randall Delgado, does he get pushed out of the rotation immediately or 15 minutes later?